Friday, August 5, 2011

friday night leftovers

  • Because it's been that kind of a week, leftovers (and bullets!) are what's in store for you, sweet blog reader. (Thanks to Danifred for hosting!)
  • Jbug turned 2 months old on Tuesday and had his 2 month well visit that same day. He's healthy (woo!) and weighed in at 14 pounds even and 25" long. He's huge and cute and we love him to smithereens. 
  • Smithereens is a funny word.
  • At one point in his little life, I thought B was a slow talker. He always had just enough words to keep me from worrying to much at that particular moment. Turns out he was just saving them up, because now his vocabulary seems to be expanding weekly. Sometimes hourly it seems. 
  • It's a blessed 81 degrees today. Amen, amen, amen.
  • I started running last night, the first workout since Jbug was born. I just did a mile and then 2 miles today. It felt great, but wow I'm out of shape. That will happen when you take 10 months off. I need to get back in gear, we signed up for a 5k mud run on the 27th of this month. I'm excited and nervous!
  • Next up boot camp...
  • I wanted to do a post of "things I'm loving right now", but that never really materializes because I keep forgetting them. So! Here are two of those things, for now... more to come later... [note: these aren't paid endorsements, these companies have no idea who I am. The end.]
    • Purex Crystals - oh em gee. I love a good smelling load of laundry and this stuff rocks! I added it to a load of our sheets and could still smell the scent - lightly - by the next wash. It's not a knock you over smell, just light and wonderful.
    • - let's say you have a bunch of books that you thought were "meh" the first time you read them, and you really don't want to read them again. You can try to sell them, or donate them. Orrr, you can list them here, and turn them into books you DO want to read - for free! When someone wants one of your books, you pay the postage to ship it to them (they go by media mail, so it's almost always less than $2.50 per book). Then you get a book credit, and you can pick out a book for yourself - you don't pay for shipping for books you want. I like to turn books I don't want into books for the boys.
That's all for now - what products are YOU loving right now? I always like to try new stuff out. Have a great weekend!


  1. I am SO jealous of the 81 degrees!!! Good job on getting back into your workout. You are growing a big boy :) Mason was the same weight at 2 months :)

  2. Smithereens is a funny word now that you mention it! Good luck getting back into working out!

  3. the purex crystals look awesome! i use powdered arm & hammer detergent and i LOVE it. i don't think i will ever go back to liquid, so i will have to try adding the crystals!
    i love a good bulleted post every now and again :)
    glad the boys are doing well and kudos to you for starting to work out again! i need to do the same...

  4. My girlfriends and I used to try to find the funniest words, then we would say them repeatedly. Good old drunken college days. Wagon was one of our favorite "weird" words.

  5. Can I put the Purex crystals in our fancy washer? Scott is a freak about using the "special" soap. :o)

    81 degrees....another reason for us to move to NE! I wish! My dash read 97 on the way to pick up my fixed camera lense at noon. YUCK!

  6. oh how I LOVE those purex crystals!!
    and how is Juderbug 2 months old?! so crazy!!
    way to go with the running - you are a rockstar.


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