Friday, September 16, 2011

inspired pin: painted footsies

I have this charming annoying habit where I make the most normal words sound more "fun" to Bubba by making them sing-songy. So instead of toes, they're toesies; hands are handies; and feet are footsies. I'm realizing we're reaching the point where I should probably start referring to them by their proper names, because now B is referring to his hands/feet/toes with these cute monikers too. It's "momma, I need to wash my handies!" or "there is sand in my toesies!". It's too funny to correct, so we just roll with it, for now...

Remember when I told you about the merits of Pinterest? I've been using it more and more and I continue to love it to pieces. I like to think I'm a fairly creative person, but this actually gives me a way to channel to that creativity.

I came across this pin on footprint butterflies and thought "hey I can do that!". B's favorite teacher was moving away, and we wanted to make her something as a goodbye gift. So I gathered up the supplies - small canvases (these were 8x10s), washable paint, and foam brushes - and my kids' tootsies. I just bought big bottles of primary colors (red, blue, and yellow in case you forget third grade art) plus white, so I did a little mixing (thank you to my Color Theory class in college) and came up with blue, lime green, and purple.

Then it was as simple as bribing B with fruit snacks to let me paint his feet. He actually enjoyed it, I was so nervous we'd have a disaster that I didn't get any pics of the painting part, but these were the results after the first stage:

Cute, eh? You can totally do this. Please note, my kids have ginormous feet (Joey wears a size 14 and I wear a 9 1/2, so...) otherwise I could have used one of those cute smaller square canvases too, I just didn't think they had enough square footage (HA! I crack myself up). Yes, we did two of j's right foot - I messed up and it wasn't worth trying to fix.

Then you just draw the butterfly body, and write some cute words if you want. This one was for his teacher so I wanted her to know how much she's meant to B (and to us too!).

Lastly, I used some modpodge to stick his photo on the back - I thought it'd be nice to preserve his picture at the age he was when we made this.

The mod podge was still a little wet when I took this picture, but it dried completely clear.

I love how it turned out! If I can do this, so can you, trust me. And I want to see pics when you're done!

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