Friday, November 18, 2011

10 things you might not know about us

A little bit of randomness for your Friday...

1) For as type A and organized as I am, I'm so not a list-keeper. When I start to get stressed, my brain can't hold all the things I'm trying to keep track of, so I start randomly writing things down - at home, at work, in the car. Which makes me even more stressed because I can't remember where I wrote what. I'm testing out Google tasks and so far I like it, we'll see if it sticks.

2) Joey and I both work in IT, but we don't fit the typical IT stereotype. We have one video gaming system - a Wii - that's probably been played for an hour total since January. We don't have a server or an elaborate home network, and we don't rush out to buy the latest gadgets. We're the boring type of nerdy.

3) Joey drove a 1991 Chevy Caprice when we first met. And I still married him.

So big a family of 6 could ride comfortably.
4) We sold this car on ebay. I changed the battery in it before the buyer picked it up, by myself. I inherited my dad's mechanic skills. Joey, not so much.

5) Joey thought we should head to Vegas when we'd be dating for 3 weeks, and you know, get married. I still married him, 18 months later, in Vegas.

We married in Vegas, not by Elvis, and not in a little white chapel.

6) When I was 6 (ish) months old, I fell down my grandparents' stairs in my walker. This explains a lot, right? :) I think my aunt (who was watching me at the time) may still feel a twinge guilty about this, but I just think it makes for a good story now.

7) Joey has a metal rod in his hip that is the size of an unsharpened pencil. Something about his hip not being formed correctly, or something. (I listen, I swear!) No, it doesn't make metal detectors go off, but it does cause him some pain when the weather changes.

8) Joey moonlights as Captain Planet... we recycle so much stuff we only end up with one little trash bag of trash per week.

9) I don't own a hair dryer. I couldn't go out in public if I ever used one to dry my hair, it would be like blonde Carrot Top.

10) I have a rather strange love of even numbers. My favorite number is 24, it's round and looks nice, and 2+2=4. I like that all 4 of us have birthdays on even numbered dates. I was kind of adamant that our anniversary be on October 14 because 10/14/06 looks nice to me. I realize this is totally weird and I'm ok with that.

It's your turn - I want to read 10 things about YOU!


  1. Your right Al, the whole walker/stair thing does make for a good laugh now...but I guarantee you it was NOT funny at the time!!! Sorry 'bout that little bump... :)

  2. I'm so impressed by your mechanical skills. I've changed my tire a couple times, but that's about it. Lame, right? Also, your numbers fetish? Strange. ;-)

  3. I am impressed with your mechanic skills - I have none! And neither does Mike... thank goodness my bro in law does :)

  4. I have the opposite problem - if I DON'T use a hair dryer, I look like a red headed Carrot Top. Which, I suppose is to say that I just look like Carrot Top himself. Which is just sad.


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