Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear Brecken

Dear Brecken,

This weekend you turn three years old. As I say every year, I don't know how we got to this point, but here we are.

Two was my most favorite age so far; it's the year you turned into your own little person. Yes, there were tantrums, but the sweetness far outweighed the crank monster in you.

We welcomed your little brother nine months ago (today, in fact). I knew you'd be a great big brother, but you've blown us away with how much you loved him, instantly and consistently. The night before Jude was born, I went into your room and laid down beside you in your big boy bed. And I cried, the tears wouldn't stop coming. Your dad quickly rescued me and asked what was wrong. I said "I feel like we're breaking him, he has no idea what's coming". Daddy smiled and said "we're not breaking him, we're giving him a brother".

You remain so sweet with your little brother. Your hugs and smooches for him never end. He adores you. He will stop in his tracks when he hears your voice and look around until he finds you, then he smiles. You make him laugh from deep down in his soul - something that the rest of us haven't been able to duplicate.

Your Auntie K taught you and your cousin to say "I love you more more" when someone says "I love you more". In theory, you would go back and forth with that person, adding a "more" each time. But, when I say "Brecken, I love you." You say "I love you more more more more". You kill the point of the game in the most adorable way possible.

We're getting glimpses into the preschooler version of you. You're a sponge (when you want to be, you're still fiercely stubborn) and love to practice your letters. You know "A is for mommy" "M is for Aunt Mindy" "O is for Ollie" (your friend at school) and your favorite: "N for Nebraska!". You have New Balance tennis shoes and the only way we could convince you to wear them was to tell you they're your "Nebraska shoes". You think your name is spelled "B" - as in, every time you see a B you say "look! that says Brecken!".

We're now closer to Kindergarten than we are to your birth. Time yields to no one, and while I do miss the tiny baby version of you at times, I absolutely adore the three year old Brecken. I love you so much it physically hurts sometimes. You are smart, and sweet, all boy, and an amazing big brother. Thank you for making me a mom.

I love you more more more,


  1. I love that last part: "We're now closer to Kindergarten than we are to your birth. Time yields to now one..."

    So true and so beautiful. It is so wonderful to watch your children grow.

    Happy Birthday, Brecken!

  2. Happy Birthday, B!! such a fun, sweet boy you are!

  3. Beautiful letter! B is such a sweet boy. Happy third birthday little man!

  4. Happy Birthday little Man! I'm so glad that he's such a great big brother (what a relief for you!).

  5. Ohh what a handsome dude!! Happy Birthday!! Also happy 3 year anniversary of being a mommy!!

  6. What a REALLY fun and sweet thing to read this morning. I'm crying at how sweet he is and how great a mom you are. I hope his birthday party was a smashing success!

  7. This post is precious and brought tears to my ears. You are a wonderful mom and there is something so very much YOU in his face. He is amazing. Thank him for the Cars card, we LOVED it.




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