Tuesday, March 6, 2012

operation organization: week one

Remember how I joined Katherine for Operation Organization? Week One had us organizing our kitchen, dining room, entry way, and hall closet. I cheated a bit and did our living room too, for two reasons - 1) we have a ranch-style house, and really don't have an entry way or foyer, the front door opens to the living room and 2) we don't really live in the living room, the boys just use it while we're making supper or in the kitchen - therefore it stays cleanish. We had B's 3rd (ack!) birthday here on Saturday, so I'm a little slow to post, but it also helped us give everything a deep clean before we had company.

It was easier for me to take progress videos, rather than photos, so here we go!

Living room... The cube storage thingie is from Target and is AMAZING. It holds a ton of books, and the fabric bins are so easy to take out with a set of toys, and then put back at the end of the night. We try to keep B and j's toys separate for now because B has a ton of toys (cars!) that j will put in his mouth and that freaks me out a bit. Anyway... living room:

Our hall (coat) closet... the bag thing I show you has helped manage the plethora of kids hats and gloves more than I could have imagined.

Umm, holy crap is my house loud?! That sounds about normal. Anyway, moving on...

Dining room... boring, but clean. My theory for the "stuff" (knick knacks, picture frames, etc.) sitting around on shelves is that I don't want it sitting out if it's not either beautiful, meaningful, or useful. I hate dusting. It was my most loathed chore growing up, and I still despise it. So I don't want more crap sitting around when it means I just have to dust around it.

Kitchen... I love certain things about the kitchen. Generally speaking, it's big enough for us, but I could always use more cabinet space. After we got the new microwave cabinet (in the video), now I think we'll move that yellow and white cabinet out of the kitchen, it's just too much in that area. The pantry needs more help, but I did get some wire shelves from Bed Bath and Beyond a while ago that's helped organize our canned goods and pastas. (BB&B rocks for kitchen organization if you need some assistance...).

I took a few "before" pics of the kitchen on Sunday, when we were up to our eyeballs in post-birthday party stuff, but I can't get the pics of the camera at the moment, so I'll have to post those next time. Promise though, it was a mess.

Link up with Katherine to share your progress! You can join in at any time. :)


  1. Love it! Looks so clean! And, oh my goodness, those boys make my heart melt! J pounding the magnets together...aw, sigh, babies!

  2. looks awesome!
    i am in your camp with the "beautiful/meaningful/useful" stuff - I HATE clutter, so it better be awesomely important to me or it's outta here!


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