Monday, April 23, 2012


I've been wanting to write a post, so badly - I miss it when I don't stop by weekly. Life has been crazy busy this month, so the blog was the first thing to go. I'm stopping by with a bulleted list for now though - more coming soon.
  • Jude started walking over the course of the past week. This weekend was official though - 4-5 steps at a time. This is so earrrrly, he's only 10.5 months old. He's a little giant though, so my arms are thankful he can carry his own weight a bit now. I've really noticed him getting longer and leaner lately, his thighs are down to one sad roll. He looks like an 18 month old, but he's still my baby.
  • He'll be 1 in 5 1/2 weeks. I'm not ready to talk about this yet.
  • But I made a really cute invite for his party! I'll share it soon.
  • We're having a bug party for him, because he's our Juderbug.
  • Brecken is awesome. He's hilarious, 80% of the time. But then there's 10% of the time he's very THREE. Tears over food being "broken" or his brother playing with one of B's toys.
  • This past weekend, B told me he was going to run with me. He was very matter-of-fact about it, and has been asking to run with us for a while now. So I took him on a little loop around the neighborhood (total: .4 miles). He ran the first 1/4 mile without stopping, his little legs scissoring back and forth and arms flailing. I was so proud of him. Apparently his whole goal was to get sweaty because halfway home he asked "momma are we sweaty yet?". I said "no bubba, we're walking, we have to run to get sweaty". So he took off and started running some more. 
  • Speaking of running, we're still doing it! The half marathon is less than two weeks away. I feel completely prepared, mentally and physically. And I don't know if I will feel the same on race day, but I think we'll be ready. I've been battling a sore left knee (the one I tore my meniscus and MCL in during high school) as well as plantar fasciitis on the bottom of my right foot. I'm hoping my injuries don't keep me sidelined, I think I'll get by on a wing and prayer though.
  • We still aren't eating sugar (regularly). We cheat occasionally, but it's always very intentional and thought out. It's not me grabbing a pop in the afternoon because "I deserve it"; or Joey getting a candy bar because he's "earned it". When I had a piece of wedding cake this weekend, I thought "I'm going to eat this cake, and savor it. It's a treat. I haven't had anything sweet all week, and it'll be a long time until I have another bit of sweetness." And the cake wasn't that awesome, but I'm just glad that I feel like I'm in control of the sugar now.
  • My baby sister is having her second baby in the next month and I'm SO EXCITED for the impending birth of another nephew! When she had her first son, I was 6 months pregnant and miserable. I was so into planning MY kid's room, that I didn't get to fully spoil her or my nephew from day 1. So this time, I'm going all out. She said she wanted a Moses basket for the babe, so I found one used, and am making cutie bedding for it. (This isn't a surprise, I've been giving her the play-by-play.) Anyway. I had to order a new thin mattress pad for it, knowing that it would be a bit big. It ended up fitting awfully, so yesterday I took the mattress apart, shortened it by 5" and sewed it back together. And you can't even tell! :) Then I made a sheet for the pad. A fitted sheet with elastic, y'all. There is more to come, but I haven't wrapped my mind around exactly how I'm going to construct the side parts yet. Anyway, (crappy cell phone) photos:
  • My little design shop, Ten Tiny Toes, is keeping me crazy busy lately, WHICH IS AWESOME. Seriously. If you're a past customer, thank you from the bottom of my creative heart. If you're a future customer, I can't wait to work with you. This little shop was such a dream, a total "what if". I can't even believe what it's grown to. Come hang out with us over on Facebook:, and you can always grab a cuppa and stop by the Etsy shop:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

no sugar, day 10

I fully intended to update this before now, but here we are. Today is day 10 without [much] sugar and we're going strong. I say much because I donated blood last Friday and had a cookie; my blood pressure is so chronically low (like 92/60) that if I didn't have a little pick-me-up, I probably would have passed out in the car.

Did you know quitting sugar is trendy? Apparently so.

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes had a segment called "Is Sugar Toxic?" (watch it here:;storyMediaBox).

It turns out, not only is sugar highly addictive (hello, I am the poster child for that), it also is at the root of causing type 2 diabetes (case in point: my husband), obesity, heart disease, stroke, and it worsens some types of cancer. I know, what doesn't cause cancer, right? It's not that we shouldn't enjoy a piece of birthday cake as a special, rare treat, it's that we eat so much sugar, all the time.

According to that 60 Minutes segment, Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar per year, that's 1/3 of a pound of sugar PER DAY. 1/3 of a pound! 5.33 ounces of the sweet stuff swirling in your tummy; a little over 1/2 Cup, if you need to get your measuring cup out to see the visual.

While I'm linking things:
My point in linking all of this isn't to stand on a soapbox and tell you how to do life - take it or leave it, but after reading/watching these pieces this past week, personally I'm now even more convinced that this was the right move for me.


So, how are we doing without sugar? Great, for the most part. Except for my blood donation cookie, I haven't had any sugar or fake sugar in 10 days. A few bullets to organize my swirling thoughts:
  • Sugar is in everything. Pasta sauce. Ketchup. Bread. Tortilla Chips. Salsa.
  • As I suspected, the nights after the boys are in bed and I'm working on my computer have been the worst for cravings. I want ice cream or cookies, always.
  • Quitting Diet Pepsi has shockingly been the easiest part of this, I don't even miss it.
  • I need to plant a lemon tree in our yard for all the lemons I'm consuming lately. I'm using about 1 a day in my water and iced tea. 
  • If there's sugar in something, I try to "just" make my own. We had sourdough bread out of the bread machine (sugar free! delish!), and I made my own salsa last weekend (that's the best salsa recipe ever, I've made it dozens of times, this time I just left the sugar out). 
  • Having carrots for breakfast is kind of weird, and they taste like sugar sticks after a week of no sugar.
  • I've lost 5 pounds! And I haven't done anything differently, in fact I've run less the past 10 days than ever due to scheduling/sickness/soreness/traveling.
  • I got sick, and sore. The sick (sinus) was just a bug passed around, but the soreness was like someone steamrolled me. I'm on the back side of that though now and feeling like the clouds are finally parting.
  • I was sleepy the first few days, maybe even the whole first week, but that's passing too. 
  • I don't necessarily crave specific sugar during the day (just at night), but I find myself scanning my brain for something I can eat when I'm hungry at 2pm - and often everything that sounds good has sugar in it. Like I can't just go get chips from the vending machine. And I can't have some ranch dip with my veggies. And no zucchini bread my coworker brought. All the stuff that's "healthier" (is it, really?) still has sugar in it.
Honestly? It really hasn't been that bad. I love the approach that the I Quit Sugar book takes, it's so very slow and gentle. I'm realizing there's a lot I need to reframe when it comes to sugar. That whole nighttime reward for surviving the day thing? I needed to find something else to look forward to allllll day so that when the night gets here I'm not feeling like "well crap, what do I do now?" - so Joey suggested we do a yoga/pilates video (don't laugh, we're super unflexible). And when I get to work in the morning, I looked forward to cracking open a Diet Pepsi - now I love the extra steps to cut and squeeze my enormous lemon chunk into my the freshly brewed iced tea I brought from home. See? Reframing.

I want to know if you're doing this too! And if you don't think you can, you can, I swear. Just try it, you might like it. And you're not losing anything by trying, you can always go back.