Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It dawned on me this morning that when the sun sets on May 7th, in the course of 10 days, I will have had my very first ever craft show for Ten Tiny Toes, completed a half marathon, and welcomed my new nephew into the world. All of those things have required a ton of preparation, and honestly? I don't know how I'm getting it all done, but here we are. Day 5 of this 10 day span and going strong.

When Joey and I decided to run the half marathon last December, it was sort of a pipe dream. I mean, we paid the $60 (each!) to register for the race, and since we're cheap I think the only thing keeping me going in those first weeks was the fact that I would be damned if anyone thought I'd leave $60 on the table so easily. But we kept going. Through March when we ran the 10k, I hadn't missed a single day of training. Since then, Spring has sprung, and getting out to put my feet to pavement has been harder than I imagined. It's gloriously sunny out until 8pm. The boys have spring fever, they just want to be outside. I want to be with them. Jude is walking. Brecken is telling hilarious tall tales, and honestly I don't want to take 60 minutes of their time to go run. But I made it work as much as I could, and I sit here, 4 days before I attempt to run farther than I have in my 29 years, and I feel ready. I'm not nervous about the distance. I'm excited for the race for exactly 2 reasons: a) I haven't run the course before; I get soooo bored running the same streets/paths all the time, so it will be awesome to see new cracks in the sidewalks and b) the people - I'm excited to see all those people clapping for me (and 9,999 others), because a year ago?! I was 8 months pregnant and running wasn't even on my horizon. I AM nervous about my health. Specifically my knee and foot still - if you have a spare prayer, I covet them. If you can just think happy pain-free thoughts, I'll take those too. All I want to do is finish.

My husband is a saint. Sometimes in a (rare) quiet moment, I catch myself wondering "is this really my life?!". I am so, so blessed by two adorable, amazing kids, and a husband that supports me no matter what. I knew Joey was made for me in that typical newlywed bliss way, but you guys? It just keeps getting better. Five and a half years into this marriage thing and I think we're hitting our stride a bit... by no means do we have it all figured out, and sometimes there's still a bit of OMG WHY DON'T YOU LOAD THE DISHWASHER CORRECTLY?! He spent hours and hours last week herding the boys (seriously, that's what it's like, just diverting them to one room and please LEAVE MOMMA ALONE FOR 7 MINUTES, I LOVE YOU) so that I could get things in line for the craft fair and work on getting things ready for my sweet nephew's arrival (it's a bit of prep to get myself and 2 kids ready for 5 days, 5 hours away from home). If I don't say it enough, Joseph, you amaze me and I'm the lucky one.

Anyway, sappiness aside. It's been a lot of preparation to get to this day, a lot of late nights, and long, quiet runs. But I'm ready (I think).

And if my 30th year of life has been this exciting, I can't wait to see what's in store.

Here goes nothing.


  1. You are completely awesome, and you will be completely awesome! So excited for you!


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