Thursday, October 11, 2012

a good run of bad luck

"what is worth it is not always easy, what is easy is not always worth it."
-- Unknown, or I may have made it up

So, about this house thing. We've been in our current house for 5 1/2 years. We love it, but it's smallish - 2 bedrooms and just under 1200sq ft on the main floor (plus a finished basement). We have the best neighbors and we love our neighborhood. But, Brecken and Jude have shared a room since j was born, and it's not the most awesome thing ever - they wake each other up (not on purpose). We came to the realization this past spring that we could and should probably think about moving.

I grew up in a teensy town in Nebraska. A map dot, really. And? I loved it. I graduated with 17 people in my senior class, and small classes were something that I expected. I also grew up really close to Colorado, and I've spent the past five years trying to convince Joey that maybe we should explore moving to the foothills of Colorado - it's truly one of my favorite places on Earth. My soul is in Colorado.

But my heart is in Lincoln. I love this place. I love that it's 300,000 people, but it's really just an overgrown small town. Everybody knows somebody that you know. I thought maybe we should explore moving to a smaller town - somewhere that our kids could grow up and have the same experience I did. So we researched every small town within a 20 mile radius of Lincoln. We thought about acreages, and country living. We talked about developments out in the country - so you still have close neighbors!

We spent May, June, and July looking online at what felt like every house/lot/option in Lancaster County.

One Sunday, at the end of July, we drove out to the development where our new house is. It's on the far edge of town - something we were sure would be much too far away for our taste. But. We fell in love almost immediately. It quite literally had everything we wanted - wide open spaces, peace and quiet, smaller neighborhood, but still in city limits and close to everything. The house was shockingly in our price range, I thought for sure it would be over. It was only studs and concrete the first time we saw it, but I saw so much potential. It has the layout we want - split bedrooms so we all have a little privacy. Plenty of room to make a giant mess of toys in the basement. A beautiful kitchen, a covered deck. And my one must have - a big dreamy porch.

We put an offer on the house, it was accepted, and we quickly got ours on the market. There were lots of little things about the house, that I won't get into, that made things seem really "meant to be" - (not to get all kumbaya on you). Our house sold in 3.5 weeks, and we began the process of packing, and getting everything ready to go for the move.

And then our bad luck streak began. One day back in August, Jude was running a fever... normal viral something, and I stayed home with him. A few hours later, Brecken was found to have pinkeye (he's never had this before) and I picked him up from school, and later that day, Jude dropped a table on his hand, requiring an emergency trip to urgent care, and an x-ray (thankfully all was well). Things around the house started to break (things you don't want to have to fix before you move). My car needed a new muffler. Then our neighborhood lost water for an afternoon (our bad luck was spreading). 

The week our house sold, I realized I was having a miscarriage. It was a very, very early loss, and the peanut was gone before we ever realized it was there. It was a day of complete shock and confusion, and sadness. We were not, are not, looking to expand our family, we believe it is complete with our two beautiful cherubs. I lived with the "what if's" for a day, and then we moved forward, we had to.

Jude hurt his leg somehow in early September, we believe it was a high ankle sprain, but it required another x-ray and bloodwork to rule out anything more serious. If I thought I was sidelined with bad luck before, now I was doing it with a 30lb lovebug attached to my hip - we were his legs as his weren't able to walk. 

My car woes got worse, it was unexpectedly dead the day I flew out to Colorado to visit family (new battery, whee!). Then I needed a new sensor of some sort, then a new tire (also a new headlight and trunk light - what the heck?), and now we have a perpetual oil leak that cannot be fixed without hours of labor, and the transmission is really not awesome. 

One of the contractors working on repairs on our old house lost his brother to cancer the day he was supposed to work on our house. Seriously. Our luck is viral.

Last weekend, Jude spent 3 days with a 103.5° fever, on top of teething, he was a pathetic, sad, kiddo.

Tuesday I got rear-ended while driving home from work, and then we got really annoying/bad news about our house and our builder's unwillingness to finish part of the house they said they were going to (there will be more on this, when I am able to speak about it).


I don't write all of this out for pity, or to be dramatic. At this point, it's kind of hilarious in a I-laugh-to-keep-from-crying way. This is the stuff of life. I know I'm predisposed at this point to look at all the crappy things that are happening to us and find a pattern and call it bad luck. I know that they're more pronounced than normal. I have friends fighting cancer, we've lost a friend to cancer this week - that stuff is the real bad luck here. Our stuff is just a blip on the radar, and I'm sure, someday, we'll look back and laugh. (Right?! Please tell me we will.)

We've also had a really good last few months. 

Photo by the always-amazing Tracy Wood Photography
We've laughed, a lot (again, sometimes to keep from crying). We've loved on each other, because it feels like we need to be closer to keep from being pulled apart. Some days it feels like we're just trying to make it until November 1st and all of this stuff will settle down.

We are so completely blessed to be moving into this house next week. I keep pinching myself wondering if this is for real - is this my real life?!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

well, hello there

You guys, I swear I didn't intend to take a 3 month blogging break. But I did, and GOODNESS I've been busy these past 3 months. I'm finally coming up for air though and hopefully we can return to your regularly scheduled droning on about my life, but first I better catch you up on what we've been up to!

  • Jude: This giant lovebug clocked in at 29lb 6oz a month ago, and was 34.75" tall. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he's well over 30lbs/35" by now. He's actually thinned out quite a bit the last 2-3 weeks it seems - shorts that used to be held up by his rotund belly are now sliding down to his diapered bum. This kid fills my soul with something I never knew I was missing - he's hilarious, often doing this eyelash batting thing just to make you smile. He's fiercely stubborn. I use to wax poetic about how stubborn and independent Brecken was when he was a toddler. HA. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA. Brecken is like the most easy going kid ever (to a point, more on that in a minute), and Jude is very sweet and mellow... but takes determination to an entirely new level. He is tough as nails and really doesn't let anything get in the way. Including mom and dad when we refuse to let him take a broom to bed, or take 4 clothes hangers in the car with him. He's a leetle accident prone. *knocks on wood* *throws salt over shoulder* Since I've last posted, he's had 2 x-rays (thankfully both negative) from completely separate injuries, which is 1 more than I've had in my whole 30 years (other than teeth). He's talking up a storm, using a ton of inflection in his sentences... but we really have no idea what he's saying. It sounds like "dhek ZEE badermeali GOGO!!", but we do get a few little snippets of words, he knows momma, DAD, ball, THAT, i did it!, ahh-duh (all done). We're loving watching him learn and explore, he does it all at warp speed and doesn't stop moving until he falls asleep at night.

  • They are best friends... I don't think I've seen them play independently in weeks. (They're obviously separated every day at school.) They love each other and only occasionally fight. For now. 
  • Brecken: is equal parts awesome/silly/cute/funny and THREENAGER right now. Sometimes we feel at the end of our ropes and not quite sure what other tricks to try on him to get him to behave. (Where is that instruction manual for parenting anyway??) He's still very easy easy-going, and then the stubbornness kicks in (over seemingly inane things) and we go from 0-HOLYTANTRUMBATMAN in about 2 seconds. I know that this will pass, I love him so much it hurts, always. He's smart and clever - he loves puzzles and can put them together in no time flat. He's still a complete cuddlebug, even at the ripe old age of 3.5. He loves when it's "Nebraska Day" and there's a Husker football game to watch. It's fun to have him to interact with now - having entire conversations with a pint-sized person is quite the trip.
  • We bought a house! (We also sold our sweet little house, in 3.5 weeks, but the new is always more exciting than the old.) This house, actually. It's still under construction, but will be done on Sunday (it has to be, it's in the Parade of Homes) (Final color is not that weird white, that's the primer). We love it so, so much. It feels perfect for us. Lots of great views, a pond and lake to fish from, and put a little boat on. A new elementary school in the next few years. All of the little features we really wanted (I *had* to have a covered porch). We're feeling very, very blessed. Next time, I'll tell you about all the weird coincidences that have happened with this house to make it seem very meant-to-be. We move 2 weeks (!!) from tomorrow and have a TON to do before then.
 A few views from the new house:

  •  Joey and I: are doing really great. Well great in all the ways that matter - we love each other, we love our kids, we have great jobs. We're just busy. This blog is called Life, Simply Lived, and nothing feels very simple about our lives right now. Sometimes it feels like we're just treading water to get everything done for that day. I think after we move and get settled, things will calm down immensely. We all need a refocus back to spending our time on the things that ultimately matter. 

More soon! Have a great week!!