Wednesday, November 28, 2012

diy laundry detergent

So 6 months ago (June 3rd, to be specific), I made my own powered laundry detergent. I took photos and I intended to post about how I did it, but hello, life, you got in the way. I'm writing this now because I'm down to my last few scoops and holy moly, I love this laundry detergent. I'm going to be making another batch soon, and I wanted to share, in case you want to make it too!

{Note: I didn't make this because I hate Tide or Gain, I just hate buying them, they're so freaking expensive. I didn't make this because I'm feeling earthy and like to make everything. Laundry detergent is an anomaly, I buy everything, just not this. Also, I was a liquid laundry detergent GIRL forever and ever amen, but I seriously love this stuff. Lastly, we have a high efficiency washing machine, and this works perfectly, no need to buy the special HE stuff anymore.}

I used this recipe, and Imma just have you read it, so I don't waste my finger typing energy on retyping everything she did: Homemade Laundry Soap.

Here's my modifications: I read everything she did, and all of the comments, and I came to the conclusion (before even purchasing the ingredients) that this detergent doesn't leave that fragrance that I was used to. So I decided to add a bottle of the yellow Purex crystals to the mix. BUT - do not do that. It "watered down" the Purex so much that there was no scent on the laundry. I will explain how to get the laundry fresh smell in a bit. (If you have to use the free and clear laundry detergent now due to fragrance issues, this detergent should, in theory, be perfect for you because on its own, it really has no lingering scent on the clean laundry.)

I believe I spent $18 on all of the ingredients. I think. I'll update this if I find out it's more when I buy the ingredients this weekend.

{GRRR. I just realized my Picasa web account is out of storage space... and it apparently houses my blogger photos too, so pretend there are photos here, but know that mine looked exactly like the blog's I linked to. ;o) }

She says to use 1 Tablespoon per load, and while that probably is fine, I always felt weird using so little. However, I also used too much on a load of darks once and had to rewash them because it left detergent on them, whoops! So I used the small scoop that came with the OxyClean, it's probably more like 1.5-2 T and works fine. I use the OxyClean stain spray (instead of Shout, etc.) and between that and this detergent, our clothes have always been sparkly clean.

My major modification, or addition really, to this recipe, was adding in some scent. The first few times I used this, our laundry was coming out clean and fresh, it really had no noticeable scent, and I really missed that. As I mentioned earlier, don't add the Purex directly to the recipe, it has no effect. What works for us is to add a bit of the blue Purex crystals to each load of laundry (it's stronger than the yellow or purple) (the Downy unstoppables are fine too, I just like the Purex crystals better, and they're cheaper). I also got a Bounce Dryer Bar, and zomg, could that thing be ANY more awesome?! It's completely mindless, it just... works! And you don't have to chase dryer sheets all over your house!

Anyway... I love this laundry detergent, and for $3ish a month?! I will be making it again!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

rock the boat

Filed under the "things I never want to forget" label:

{I had just picked Brecken up from school, had him loaded in the car, and we were driving off.}

Me: Bubba, it's election day and we're going to go vote!

Him: Where's the boat?

Me: Not a boat, we're going to v-v-v-v-vote! With a V!

Him: B! Just like me! Boat starts with B like Brecken!

Me: {deep breaths} Boat does start with a B, but there's no boat today, we're going to pick the people we want to lead our country. We have to pick the President, do you know what the President does?

Him: What's a prevalent?

Me: The President is in charge of all of the states! {He knows what a state is, I figured country was too big to wrap his mind around.}

Him: Whoaaaaaaaa.

Me: His name is Barack Obama. We can either vote for him or Mitt Romney.

Him: Is that a boy or a gril? {he really still says gril, and I never correct him because it's so stinking cute}

Me: {scrapping this entire conversation} Let's go pick our people!

Him (getting out of the car): Momma, this boat is going to be so much fun!

{I vote, he charms the adorable old ladies manning the polling place. He even tells them his name (this has never happened before). One of them calls him Becky. Whatever.}

Me: Ok, bubs, let's go!

Him: But we didn't get the boat!

Me: We did VVVVVVVVVVVVote, no boats today, it's too cold outside.

Him: But we didn't pick up our people on our boat!!

Me: {thankful that the next time we vote he'll be 7 and understand consonants}