Tuesday, November 6, 2012

rock the boat

Filed under the "things I never want to forget" label:

{I had just picked Brecken up from school, had him loaded in the car, and we were driving off.}

Me: Bubba, it's election day and we're going to go vote!

Him: Where's the boat?

Me: Not a boat, we're going to v-v-v-v-vote! With a V!

Him: B! Just like me! Boat starts with B like Brecken!

Me: {deep breaths} Boat does start with a B, but there's no boat today, we're going to pick the people we want to lead our country. We have to pick the President, do you know what the President does?

Him: What's a prevalent?

Me: The President is in charge of all of the states! {He knows what a state is, I figured country was too big to wrap his mind around.}

Him: Whoaaaaaaaa.

Me: His name is Barack Obama. We can either vote for him or Mitt Romney.

Him: Is that a boy or a gril? {he really still says gril, and I never correct him because it's so stinking cute}

Me: {scrapping this entire conversation} Let's go pick our people!

Him (getting out of the car): Momma, this boat is going to be so much fun!

{I vote, he charms the adorable old ladies manning the polling place. He even tells them his name (this has never happened before). One of them calls him Becky. Whatever.}

Me: Ok, bubs, let's go!

Him: But we didn't get the boat!

Me: We did VVVVVVVVVVVVote, no boats today, it's too cold outside.

Him: But we didn't pick up our people on our boat!!

Me: {thankful that the next time we vote he'll be 7 and understand consonants}


  1. That's super awesome. :) Wonder if the turnout would be different if everyone got a free boat instead?

  2. Laughing about the consonants :-) You'll be able to refer back to this the next time and I bet he'll remember at least a little bit.

  3. love it! and your revelation at the end... i had the SAME thought when i checked on Boden before i went to bed - he'll be SIX the next time we elect a President. CRAZY!

  4. Those conversations are priceless - super cute :)

  5. love it! and i keep thinking "we're on a boat"!


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