Friday, December 7, 2012

friday five

  1. I can tell I'm going to have a bit of a trouble with the white lies of parenthood as the boys get older. We have an Elf on the Shelf named Oliver. He appeared about a week ago; sometimes we remember to move him, sometimes we're lazy. He's fun and B loves him. Before the Elf, there was Santa Claus. And I'm sure at some point there will be the Tooth Fairy. (But not the Easter Bunny. A giant person in a bunny suit just creeps me out.) My issue isn't so much the lying to my kids that these people are real. Or the fact that the elf story can be kind of creepy if you go there with the storyline. (He's sent from Santa to monitor the household leading up to Christmas, making sure the kids are good, and reports back to Santa before Christmas Eve. If the kids touch him, he loses his magic and has to fly back to the North Pole for Santa to restore it.) My issue is that I'm such a literal person. Like I want to know that it's 5:37, not "20 'til 6:00" or 5:35. So the whole idea that there's this plastic doll that flys back and forth to Santa to get magic, just makes me a bit twitchy. Joey and I both grew up believing in Santa, and while we absolutely believe that Jesus is the real reason for our season, we adore the fun and awe that Santa brings as well. I'm just not sure how to wrap my mind around all of this fakery for the kids' sake.

  2. I ran a half marathon in May. It was lovely (really), and I was proud of myself, and vowed to continue running forever. In fact, I signed up for another half in October near my hometown. Then it was really hot in the summer, and we put our house on the market, and we moved, and training didn't happen, and neither did the race. We've now settled in the house a bit, and I need to find some time to hit the road again. It's almost time to sign up for the Lincoln half marathon (who wants to join me?! Sign up is the 21st, and it will sell out fast! Unless you want to do the full, then you can sign up tomorrow.). Tra-la-la... yay running.

  3. Remember when I quit sugar last spring? My eating has gone the way of my running, and I'm back on the IQS bandwagon. It's so much easier when I'm running though because when you feel better (from running), you want to eat better.

  4. In that vein (because most kettle chips are sugar free), I just opened a little bag of "Krunchers! Kettle Cooked Potato Chips". You know what they taste like? (I can't even believe I'm admitting this.) They taste like the uncooked potato "chips" that come out of the box of scalloped potatoes. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has tasted these... I think I pin this on my mom, we sampled them when I was growing up. Anyway. Point being: they're fine, but thick and taste like an actual potato. You are welcome.
  5. (This is quickly turning into a post about food) I like to cook. I'm not exactly a chef (my husband chuckles to himself as he reads this, I AM SURE), but I can wing it well enough to make most things turn out. However, Joey is really kind of picky. He's also very honest - if he likes it, he'll say "it's good!" if he doesn't like it, he'll say "it's ok!". Add to that a 3 1/2 year old who is getting skinner by the day because he won't eat anything unless it starts with chick- and ends with -uggets. And Jude eats everything, but then sometimes he just refuses. So basically, dinnertime is like Russian roulette around our humble abode, and I never really know if something will work for my gentlemen or not. I tried two new recipes this week and they were MAJOR wins for Joey and I. Brecken refused them both (claiming they were both too salty - he means spicy), and Jude was crabby this week from switching daycare, so he went to bed right after dinner time - lo, he didn't eat but I don't think he was a fair judge.

    Anyway - they are delicious, and I think, customizable enough to your own family's likes in terms of spice as well as toppings for the tacos. Also: EASY. Seriously we were done with dinner by 6pm both nights and that never happens around here.

    Crock Pot Beef Carnitas Tacos
    Spicy Sausage Skillet - we used andouille sausage but mild Rotel and it did have a teensy bit of a kick. BUT I am a giant wiener when it comes to spice and I thought it was perfect.


  1. I have the same issue with the elf and with Santa. Not at all that I am against the lie, it's just like, I feel as if it is OBVIOUS that this is not true. And I want to make it real for him! I love the magic of Christmas! But at the same time I am like 'Are you really buying this? Am I being convincing enough that all this magic is happening??'

  2. We do stockings, but the kids know everything is from us. We've never done Santa (a. untrue b. we want our kids to believe us looking forward to the future but c. we don't mind others doing it and we have lots of friends who do) however, our kids got the whole, don't spoil the fun for your friends talk, and they really enjoy the story of Santa and all Christmas movies and songs about it, so they really don't feel like they are missing out. Another reason *and to me the biggest one* is that we are celebrating the GIFT that God gave us as salvation in His Son, which we didn't earn and definitely didn't deserve. Therefor, we give gifts to our kids whether they earn them or not at Christmas time (and some years....;) The whole naughty and nice thing with Santa really is opposite of how God gives gifts. With Santa there is a sense of be good or else you might get coal and be on the naughty list. I SO thankful that isn't how God operates in His blessings towards us! So I've talked with the kids and explained it that way too. It puts a different spin on gift giving...which I like. I've had fun reading your posts this week!

  3. Ooh I'm joining you again with iqs soon!! Having a hard time sticking to it but I feel so crappy it's got to happen!


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