Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Brecken got this Fisher Price baseball set for his 3rd birthday this past March. (It's been a big hit (pun intended) if anyone is still Christmas shopping...) For the longest time, he's played with it as a tee-ball set (there's a tube that sits on top of the base) - he'll prop the ball up on the tee, and let it play the baseball music and then swing away. Obviously he was on his way to the tee-ball hall of fame.

It was so nice out this weekend (68 in December!) and we ventured outside to run off some energy. He dragged his baseball set out for the hundredth time in 9 months, and this time he wanted me to set it up so the ball would pop up out of the base. I sighed, because usually this involves him never-hitting-the-ball and me running around collecting the loose balls from the yard.

I was wrong.

My boy has a little bit of perseverance now. Where I would normally get discouraged after all of the swings and misses, he kept going, and going.

{obviously the snow boots were giving him major fashion points}

He kept up with this forever. At one point we had to abandon the game so we could take Jude inside to nap. He begged to come back outside. 

Then finally, after about a half an hour of swings and misses, he randomly connected - we all screamed like he'd just won the World Series. 

Then he hit it again, and again, and again. He figured out his timing, and he was awesome. At one point, he hit it on our roof, and several times he hit it to the neighbor's yard next door. He never once got frustrated by the misses, but oh how PROUD of himself he was when he finally started connecting with the ball!

Of course I broke out my camera again too late - and we got a lot more swinging...

But finally - chance was on my side, and I got my budding Babe Ruth on camera:

{yes, he totally said touchdown!... potato potahto}

All in all, he probably swung the bat for an hour on Sunday afternoon. Momma's learning a thing or two about patience from this little dude. I'm sure it won't be the last thing he teaches me.

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