Monday, June 2, 2014



Today you complete your third trip around the sun and begin your fourth. I struggle for words to express how quickly these last three years have gone. They - the moms who now have kids much, much older than you - tell me the days are long but the years are short. I can sum up your entire life with that sentiment. Anyone who has spent one whole day with you will feel life lived to the fullest. You are exhausting in the best possible way. You squeeze every ounce of the day out, and then you're ready to go the next morning.

Last year I mentioned that you do life BIG. You are full of energy. You are not quiet. You even yell when you're whispering - especially effective when I'm trying to sleep and you "REAWWY NEED BWEAKFAST NOW MOMMA PLEASE". You are a case study in opposites: bossy and sweet, boisterous and shy, tantrum-throwing and hug-giving.

My most favorite discovery about you this year is your love of animals, specifically dogs. Some kids seem to be naturally timid around them, but you seem to have a natural inclination on how to "be" around them. You see dogs from two blocks away and demand that we walk over for a closer look. You're gentle and loving with every dog. You and Dixon, the 140lb mastiff/lab mix we adopted in April, were best buds from the moment you laid eyes on him. I hope you never lose this love of animals, it's a gift.

You may be the little brother in age and stature, but you're every bit Brecken's equal in his eyes - sometimes taking care of him too. You're the brave one. He drags you everywhere he deems scary, and you always willing go with him to show him the way. I know you think he hung the moon, but he thinks the same about you. My greatest accomplishment in my life is the part where I gave you each a best friend. You are lost without one another. It makes my heart melt.

You are so very observant. You count everything. Your favorite thing in life is when things "match". If we both have blue shirts on you'll scream "MOMMA! WE MATCH!". You notice matching... everything. Plates, cups, dogs, flowers, clothing, everything. You notice if we're out of our routine. You notice if I'm leaving for the day and you didn't see me kiss Brecken or daddy goodbye - you make me come back inside and tell them again.

This year was kind of rough at times (SORRY, but it's not all rainbows and unicorns, kiddo). You were two going on twelve and I have no experience raising pre-teen boys so I was a bit lost. We survived though, and I feel like we're maybe turning the corner to three (which I'm praying will at least be less screamy). I will keep you because you're cute though. And because you hold half of my heart in your giant hands.

We sang Baa Baa Black Sheep together before bed last night. That's our song. I pray that you never get too old for it, or your momma. I love you, Jude William and I can't wait to see where this trip around the sun takes us.



  1. Happy birthday, sweet boy!!

  2. So beautiful!! Happy Birthday Jude!!

  3. Happy birthday to my boys nearly twin.



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