Thursday, June 2, 2016



It occurred to me last night as I watched you hit the baseball off the tee in your second t-ball game, as I screamed "gooo Juderbug!", that I might have to stop calling you Juderbug now. It feels like you've outgrown that nickname, and that's bittersweet. You're mostly just Jude now, or "J", or "Jude William" when you're not listening to your parents.

I tell people you came into the world screaming and fighting, it was like you were shot out of a cannon and you haven't slowed since. You squeeze every drop out of life, every single day. You live life in the biggest way possible. You are as crazy as you are kind; as sweetly loving as you are firey passionate; as snuggly as you are independent. I have big dreams for both you and your brother, but I am So Excited to see what career you grow into someday. You're going to take the world by storm.

You're finally old enough to start stepping out of your brother's shadow for activities and friends, and you're thriving with this new-found freedom. You're our lefty which makes everything 5% more complicated. I'll continue to be the crazy mom running up to the dugout to yell through the fence "HE'S A LEFTY!" every time they line you up to bat as a righty. Someday I imagine you'll remember this yourself.

You are hilarious. This morning we stopped at the grocery store for birthday treats for your class and the following exchange occurred:

Jude: "Momma, can we go visit the hamsters?"
Me: "... J, we are not getting a hamster"
Jude: "No! Mom! Not to keep, just to VISIT! Like the ones by the fish and shrimp!"
Me: "OH! The lobsters..."

You challenge us, daily. Your dad and I have learned more patience and grace from parenting you than from any other life experience. There's a constant push and pull with parenting you. We're pushing you to get bigger/smarter/more responsible/love Jesus more/be a better friend; and we're pulling you back from growing too fast and wanting you to stay little forever.

Your smarts impress me daily (and make my nerdy heart happy). You're so into why and how things work. Already, you're flexing your problem solving and reasoning brain cells. You'll need those later on. I'm thrilled you have a knack to know more than our surface level answers.

Jude: your dad, Brecken, and I are the three luckiest people that God chose us as the family to drop you into. You're the best little brother; simultaneously thinking Brecken hung the moon and leading him, too, when he needs an example. I smile every time I think of you. You are my heart's joy and my baby forever.

I love you,

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