our little family

(photo credit: Tracy Wood Photography - she rocks!)

We (Joey and Alison) met at work. We were friends for 9 months, dated for 6 months, got engaged, and then married 13 months after our engagement.

We don't take life too seriously; we love our families; we love our friends; we love football; we live in Nebraska; we have a dog.

We struggled a tiny bit when starting our family, a journey that taught us patience, how to hope, and what it meant to have faith.

We were blessed with our oldest son, Brecken (sometimes he's Bubba on here) in March 2009. He fills our lives with love, dirt, and the sound of toy trucks being driven across our floors. It still takes my breath away when I realize I'm actually his mom. He's both epically shy and crazy loud, and I can't imagine him any other way.

We were blessed with our youngest son, Jude, in June 2011. He fits in as if he's always been around, and I struggle to remember what life was like before he completed our family. His giant smiles and belly laughs make my soul soar. He is his brother's complete opposite. He's outgoing, and daring, and has no fear. He's also sliiightly accident prone.

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